Looking Back

Living in the Village, 2001-2006.

Below are links to short newspaper articles written by Joe Keating* about the goings on in Waterford.

2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006

*Joe Keating 1937-2018. A Waterford  resident for more than 40 years.

Joe Keating hard at work

Joe hard at work

These articles were chosen to capture events related to the Waterford area.

2023 Power Line Objections Move to PJM Loudoun
2020, Waterford Traffic Woes: Speed Signs, Bypass Study Approved
2019, Water Woes in Waterford
2019, Loudoun Villages Team Up to Tackle Comprehensive Plan
2018, National Historic Landmark Update
2017, Event Highlights Waterford’s African-American Heritage
2016, Waterford Residents Pursue Traffic Reduction
2016, Rural Loudoun County Holds Its Own
2013, Bill Unravels Ownership Questions Surrounding Waterford's Alleys
2007, Residents, Leaders Defend Waterford's Landmark Status
2007, Old School Burns
2006, Loudoun's Transportation Congestion
2005, Loudoun Supervisors Vote For New Curbs on Growth
2005, Street Lights are Converted to Dark-Sky Friendly Lights
2005, The Trouble With Building Houses
2004, Loudoun's Growth is No. 1 in the Nation
2004, Tornadoes Hit Loudoun County
2003, Phillips Farm Sold to Waterford Foundation
2003. Phillips Farm: History is being held ransom. By Geraldine Brooks
2003, Waterford Land Purchase Is Threat To Historic Status
2002, County Takes Lead On Study Of Waterford Wires, Traffic
2002, Regional growth could develop 800,000 more acres by 2030
2001, Waterford receives scenic easement funds
2001, Route 9 Crash Calls for Safety Improvements
2001, Virginia and West Virginia Plot Contrasting Paths for Route 9
2001, Supervisors Limit Development
2001, Loudoun's Ambitious Search for Perfection
1996, Cable TV
1995, Past Makes Perfect
1969, Whirligigs Stop Moles
1929, Six Twisters Changed Landscapes – and Lives