The Village of Waterford, Virginia
A National Historic Landmark

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Information for Waterford Area Residents

» About Waterford

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- Visiting Waterford

- Help protect Waterford

- High speed internet available

» Waterford Citizens'
Association (WCA)

Village activities

- The Waterford Fair

- Independance Day Activities
  [info at the
  Waterford Citizens'
  Association site]

» Articles

- General articles

- Historic zoning preserves
  historic houses

- Road paving aggravates
  water damage to historic

- Traffic calming and burying
  the wires

- Water, trees, and gardening

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About the Waterford Fair (The Waterford Homes Tour and Crafts Exhibit)

- The Waterford Fair

- Visit the WCA BBQ stand by the Old School House.

- Information at the Waterford Foundation web site





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