The Village of Waterford, Virginia
A National Historic Landmark

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From the Capital Beltway (495):From the Capital Beltway (495):

1. Take the Dulles Airport/ 267 Toll Road Exit (#12B). Stay on the toll road to another set of toll booths (about 10 miles). You are still on the toll road (route 267), but the road is now called the Dulles Greenway. Pay another toll. Take the Greenway to its end where you take the left exit - 1A marked "To Leesburg". The 1A exit ramp will put you on the Route 15 and 7 bypass. Get into the middle lane so you will stay on 7 West (the right lane becomes an exit to Rte. 15 south).

2. Stay on Rte 7W for about 6 miles, to the large and well marked exit for Route 9 (Hillsboro, W VA). Take this exit and stay right, turning right onto Rte 9 at the end of the ramp.

3. Just before the Shell Station (about 1/2 mile down Route 9) take Clarkes Gap Road (Route 662) on your right. (Don’t take the 662 left sign to Paonian Springs.) Follow 662 to Waterford ( ca. 2.3 miles). If you pass the Shell Station and are still on Rte 9, you’ve gone too far.

4. Watch for yellow warning markers of a sharp turn and a 15mph speed limit sign. YOU ARE NOW IN WATERFORD! Village of Waterford street map

From Rte 70 in Maryland:

Take 15 South at Frederick towards Leesburg. Follow signs to the 15S Bypass. The bypass merges with 7W for a brief stretch of the road. Now follow directions above (#2) for Rte 7W.

From the West:

Take 7 East to the Hamilton (704) exit. Turn left at the bottom of the ramp onto 704. Stay on 704 across Rte 9 (cross with care). The road dead-ends into Clarke’s Gap Road. Turn left onto Clarke’s Gap Road. Now follow above directions (#4) for Waterford yellow markers, which come up shortly after.


Take 9 East to Rte 704; turn left. The road dead-ends into Rte 662, Clarke’s Gap Road. (No sign, but it really does.) Turn left onto Clarke’s Gap Road. Now follow above directions for Waterford yellow markers (#4).


Dog relaxing in Waterford Virginia
Wreath on sign in Waterford Virginia

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